• Politicians forced Illinois into an unprecedented 700-day budget crisis that threatened our most critical services, including schools and lifesaving medical care for the elderly. Diane will work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to pass a balanced, responsible budget that cuts spending while funding vital services.

    Responsible Budget

  • Diane is tired of part-time politicians collecting lucrative taxpayer-funded perks, while letting middle-class families down. She will fight to cut politicians’ pay, and is demanding tough new restrictions banning pensions for part time politicians and eliminating free lifetime health care for retired political insiders.

    Cutting Politician Perks

  • Diane thinks it's irresponsible for lawmakers to get paid when they fail to pass a budget. She'll sponsor no budget, no pay legislation to guarantee that lawmakers don't get paid unless they do their jobs and pass a budget.

    No Budget, No Pay

  • Our property taxes are skyrocketing because for too long Springfield politicians have failed to keep their commitment to fund our schools. Diane will fight to force the state to properly fund education, taking a critical first step toward real property tax relief.

    Stronger Schools

  • Every year, 40,000 children are born with pre-existing conditions, and Washington's health care plan would allow greedy insurance companies to deny them care for life and make health care unaffordable for millions more families. Diane will stand up to the politicians and demand new protections that require insurance companies to provide care for all Illinois residents – including those with preexisting conditions – and stop double-digit premium increases.


  • Working women earn 75 percent of what a man earns for the same job, holding back our families while enriching big corporations and their billionaire CEOs. Diane is outraged that Governor Rauner vetoed legislation that would require big corporations to pay women fairly. She is standing with working women and demanding equal pay for equal work.

    Women's Issues

  • Diane is outraged that a serial child molester could not be charged for his crimes because of a loophole in the law. Diane supports a new law giving prosecutors more time to ensure dangerous rapists are put behind bars.

    Safe Communities

  • Diane knows we will need leaders who ensure our senior citizens are protected and safe, but Governor Bruce Rauner sought to eliminate criminal background checks on senior caregivers in an effort to save money. Diane will fight for seniors and defeat Rauner’s extreme plan, and pass a balanced budget that funds meals on wheels, lifesaving health care for the elderly, and keeps seniors safe in their homes.

    Standing Up for Seniors

Diane Pappas for State Representative

Email: DianeForStateRep@gmail.com

Phone: 847-220-8582

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