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Diane Pappas

For State Representative

Diane Pappas is running for State Representative of the 45th District because she’s tired of politicians who say one thing and do another. She never considered running for political office before, but she believes we need a change and she has the skills and strong voice to be the tenacious advocate in Springfield that our community deserves.


While working as an in-house counsel and negotiating business contracts between her clients and top US and international companies, Diane learned how to help opposing parties find common ground and make the compromises necessary to form lasting, successful agreements. She wants to use these skills in Springfield to cut through partisan gridlock and get our state back on the right track.


Diane will put the interests of families first, and will fight for the hard working men and women of our community to get a break while corporations and the super wealthy pay their fair share. She will work hard to make our state fiscally sound and return it to the top of the list of places employers look for to do business and create well-paying jobs.


Diane strongly believes that our state’s critical situation can be reversed if we - the voters - demand change from our elected officials. This November, vote for Diane Pappas, the independent reformer we need fighting for us in Springfield.